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Title: Affinidi: Share VC Flow SDK(Verifier) -> Verifier Service: `BuildCredentialRequest (credentialRequirements)` SDK(Verifier) <-- Verifier Service: `200 [credentialShareRequest]` NOTE: credentialShareRequest signing and credentialShareRequestToken generated SDK(Verifier) -> SDK(Holder): `some way deliver (credentialShareRequestToken)` NOTE: deliver way could be as QR code which posted on web, as PN in internal App logic implementation, etc NOTE: Generating CredentialShareResponseToken based on the credentialShareRequestToken NOTE: Verification of the Verifier signature on the credentialShareRequestToken 1. Resolve Verifier DID (get publicKey) 2. Verify Verifier signature (using publicKey) SDK(Holder) -> Registry abstraction: `resolveDid(VerifierDid)` SDK(Holder) <-- Registry abstraction: `200 [DidDocument]` SDK(Holder) -> Wallet storage: `getCredentials(credentialShareRequestToken)` SDK(Holder) <-- Wallet storage: `200 [credentials]` NOTE: Generating CredentialShareResponseToken with credentials inside SDK(Verifier) <-- SDK(Holder): `send back (CredentialShareResponseToken)` NOTE: Verifier validate credentials: 1. Resolve Holder DID (get publicKey) 2. Verify Holder signature on JWT (using publicKey) 3. Validate that Holder its a Subject in credentials(optional) 4. Resolve Issuer DID(get publicKey) 5. Verify Issuer signature on each credentials (using publicKey) Executing internall App logic SDK(Verifier) -> Registry abstraction: `resolveDid(HolderDid)` SDK(Verifier) <-- Registry abstraction: `200 [DidDocument]` SDK(Verifier) -> Registry abstraction: `resolveDid(IssuerDid)` SDK(Verifier) <-- Registry abstraction: `200 [DidDocument]` NOTE All: 1. [Wallet storage flow]( 2. [DID anchoring/Registry abstraction related flow](