Create sequence diagrams with simple online tool is a free webapp for making sequence diagrams. You simply edit the text on the left and the diagram is updated in real time. You can download your sequence diagrams as images or distribute with a link.

Title: Engineering Change Pipeline Vision -> Planning: Milestone 1, 2 ... N group: Milestone Vision -> Planning: Milestone AC note: Breaking the vision down into milestones and tasks with clear requirements. Planning -> Context: Story 1, 2 ... N group: Story Planning -> Context: Acceptance Criteria note: Design documents, diagrams, RFCs, spikes, and pairing to understand how this work fits into the whole system. group: Context Context -> Code: Technical Design note: Breaking down **Story** acceptance criteria and design to small, clear chunks of code to review and merge. Context --> Planning: Resize stories Code -> Review: PR 1, 2, 3 ... N group: Changeset Code -> Review: Local DX note: Optimize for spin up time, debugging, and testing. Code --> Vision: {far-play-circle} Demos Review --> Planning: {fas-badge-check} Acceptance Criteria Review -> Deploy: Acceptance note: Automated checks, PR size, and consistent review expectations. Deploy -> Stage: Stable pipeline note: E2E tests, deployment documentation, observability end end Stage --> Vision: {far-play-circle} Demos end Stage --> Vision: {far-comment} Stakeholder testing end