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Overview of Resource creation on cheqd Client app -> cheqd ledger: [1] create new DID and associated DIDDoc note: Create a normal DID and DID Document on cheqd ledger. did:cheqd:mainnet:**4611539a-f341-4324-9176-d1078bbd327a** The unique identifier from this DID is also the _Resource Collection ID_ cheqd ledger -> cheqd ledger: [2] Store DID Document Client app -> cheqd ledger: [3] Create resource associated with DID Document note: **Resource parameters provided by Client App** 1. _Collection ID_ (same as Step 1): **4611539a-f341-4324-9176-d1078bbd327a** 2. _Resource ID_ (effectively a unique version number): **559d299a-9bca-4e4e-9b57-45c1e07414af** 3. _Resource Name_ (unique name to link versions together): e.g. **PassportSchema** 4. _Resource Type_ (the type of resource being created, also used to link versions together: e.g. **SCHEMA** 5. _Resource Contents_: passed as file **Resource parameters provided by ledger** 1. _Media Type_ (adopted from the file extension): e.g. `application/json` 2. _Created_: Date of resource creation 3. _Checksum_: SHA-256 checksum of resource contents 4. _Previous Version ID_: `null` for first resource version 5. _Next Version ID_: `null` for first resource version cheqd ledger -> cheqd ledger: [4] DIDDoc metadata is updated to reference associated resource metadata note: The resource metadata is stored within the _DID Document Metadata_. The syntax of the resource metadata is as follows: ``` "linkedResourceMetadata": [ { "resourceURI": "did:cheqd:mainnet:4611539a-f341-4324-9176-d1078bbd327a/resources/559d299a-9bca-4e4e-9b57-45c1e07414af", "resourceCollectionId": "4611539a-f341-4324-9176-d1078bbd327a", "resourceId": "559d299a-9bca-4e4e-9b57-45c1e07414af", "resourceName": "PassportSchema", "resourceType": "SCHEMA", "mediaType": "application/json", "created": "2022-07-19T08:40:00Z", "checksum": "7b2022636f6e74656e74223a202274657374206461746122207d0ae3b0c44298", "previousVersionId": null, "nextVersionId": null } ] ``` Client app -> cheqd ledger: [5] **_Optional_** update initial DID Doc to reference resource in `service` section note: DID unique identifier: did:cheqd:mainnet:**4611539a-f341-4324-9176-d1078bbd327a** DID Document service section: ``` { "service": [{ "id": "did:cheqd:mainnet:4611539a-f341-4324-9176-d1078bbd327a#PassportSchema" "type": "LinkedResource" "serviceEndpoint": "" }] } ``` Where: 1. _Resource Name_: #**PassportSchema** 2. _Service Type_: **LinkedResource** 3. _Base URL_: `` 4. _Resource Collection ID_: `did:cheqd:mainnet:`**4611539a-f341-4324-9176-d1078bbd327a** 5. _Method Specific Path_: `/resources/` 6. _Resource ID_: **559d299a-9bca-4e4e-9b57-45c1e07414af**