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Title: Auth Proposal Note App, LoginApp: If the app cannot find credentials the following flow is triggered group: Login within secured in-app browser App -> Apigee: /authorize Note:Request includes: - redirect_uri: custom URI to redirect control to mobile app after authorization is granted - state: will be returned in redirect_uri - client_id: Oauth2 Application client_id provided by Apigee Apigee -> Apigee: Client Validation Note: replaces the client_id with client_code (internal partner identifier) Apigee -> SAML-SP: proxy forward SAML-SP -> SAML-SP: Resolve Idp Note: Create session and store the sate, client_id and redirect_uri group: _**SAML 2.0 Flow**_ SAML-SP -> App: XHTML form with Auth Request (SAML flow between SAML-SP and SAML-Idp) App -> SAML-Idp: HTTPS Post/redirect SAML-Idp -> SAML-Idp: validate Auth Request SAML-Idp <<-->> App: user logs in (if necessary) SAML-Idp -> SAML-Idp: SAML token generated SAML-Idp -> App: XHTML form with Auth Response App -> SAML-SP: HTTPS Post SAML-SP -> SAML-SP: validate, persist Auth Response end SAML-SP -> SAML-SP: Genreate auth-code Note: Generates a short lived token. link's it with account provided by SAML auth. This token or auth-code valid only for 60sec SAML-SP -> App: Redirect to Apigee with short lived token App -> App: capture and close Note All: Capures the short lived token and close the secured in-app browser. end group: Get tokens Note: App receives token and uses to get a longer validity access_token/refresh_token pair App -> Apigee: POST /token Note: grant_type=authorization_code is used in request. Apigee -> SAML-SP: POST /code/validate SAML-SP -> SAML-SP: Validate & provide basic account info to presist in token Note: LoginApp expires the shortlived token at this point. SAML-SP -> Apigee: account info Apigee -> Apigee: create access and refresh_token Apigee -> App: tokens in response end group: Refresh tokens Note: This is an optional flow when an API responds with 401. App -> Apigee: POST /token Note: grant_type=refresh_token and client_id are passed in the request Apigee -> Apigee: Validate refresh_token. Apigee -> Apigee: create new access/refresh token pair Note: the account info is copied from the old token (works BAU in apigee). Apigee -> App: tokens in response end order: App, Apigee, SAML-SP, SAML-Idp, Var Idp