Create sequence diagrams with simple online tool is a free webapp for making sequence diagrams. You simply edit the text on the left and the diagram is updated in real time. You can download your sequence diagrams as images or distribute with a link.

title: full syntax overview _: **1. Messages** One -> Two: Simple Two ->> Three: Open arrow Three -x Four: Lost message Three <-> Four: Bi-directional Two -> Two: To self Two -> One: Actors can be One <- Two: in any order Two -> Three: Regular Two <-- Three: Dashed Two => Three: Bold One -> Four: Markdown support for messages: *Italic*, **Bold**, ~~strike through~~ and `inline code`. + {fab-font-awesome} Icons note: Add sequence numbers to messages with the _**autonumber**_ statement // Uncomment next line for automatic message numbering // autonumber _: **2. Notes** note: Simple text formatting; **bold**, *italic*, ~~strike through~~ and `inline code`. + {fab-font-awesome} Icons 1. Ordered 2. list * Unordered * list [link]( ``` { code block.. } ``` Two -> Three: A note is closed by a following element note: A note spans the length of the previoues message by default note One, Three: Specify the start and end actor to change the width of a note ``` note [start[,end]]: text ``` _: **3. Sections** if: Define conditional flows with _**if**_ Two -> Three: Message else: Optional alternative flow with _**else**_ Two -> One: Message else One <-> Four: Section lables are optional if: Sections can be nested one level end note One, Three: Sections are closed with the _**end**_ statement end group: _**group**_ can be used instead of _**if**_ for simple grouping end _: **4. Dividers** _: thin -: regular --: dashed =: bold -: Markdown support for dividers: *Italic*, **Bold**, ~~strike through~~ and `inline code`. + {fab-font-awesome} Icons _: **5. {fab-font-awesome fa-lg} Icons** note: {far-bolt fa-lg} Font Awesome icons are supported using: ``` {fa$-icon} ``` Where **$** is: - **b** for brand - **s** for solid - **r** for regular - **l** for light - **d** for duotone See [Font Awesome overview](/gallery/font-awesome) for more details and []( for a full list of available icons. _: **6. Delay** ...: {fas-spinner} Indicate a delay in the flow _: **7. Order** note: Change the order of the actors with the _**order**_ statement ``` order: first [,second[,third ...]] ``` // Uncomment next line for re-ordering // order: Three, Two